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Half-Blood Prince posting guidelines here
Posted 6-25-05

What is unplottables? How do I post? Disclaimers? Links?

Posting must follow the format below for the courtesy of friends lists
(Note: Failure to follow guidelines posted here, will gain your post the attention from one of the lovely stern mods. At their discretion, said post will be deleted if requested edits don't meet the formating listed below.)
unplottable_mod for further clarification

Character(s) and/or artifact (s):
Abstract/summary: [Use a Cut Tag if longer than a paragraph]
Supporting evidence: (lj-cut all canon pg numbers, quotes, maps, links, etc.)
Notes: [lj-cut, if longer than a paragraph]
Warning of possible spoilers should also be under cut-tags and clearly marked.

ETA 5-15-04: Do not use invisible text instead or in conjunction with cut-tags.
They do not serve the purpose you think they might work here. Many people view this site on their friends list and white text will show up in layouts that have darker colors as the background.

ETA 8-28-04: From date listed here on forward, note, any logs posted in this community will not be allowed unless they meet both of the following criteria:

1) All people in said logs have given their consent to having their conversations posted. Removing names will not be accepted.

2)Said log should be about a specific theory being posted and discussed.

Again, all posts should follow the guidelines set forth here on this info page. If you find that your permission was not obtain in any given log posted here, and would like it removed, please contact one of the mods to address your issues.


Attention fellow HP theorists, fans, fanatics, writers, artists, beta readers, readers, BNFs, LNFs, bitches, hos, and pimps!

Why waste precious air on inflating your ego or spitting insults back and forth over fic when you can foster civil arguments about the various plot holes, clues, and hints that can be found hidden within canon itself? This is a chance for all of you opinionated fandomers out there to prove to the world once and for all what your definition of Harry Potter canon is, and why certain interactions/situations/happenings in canon are simply not what they appear to be!

unplottables is a place to bring fans of Harry Potter together in order to share observations and theories created through extensive study of the written material that JKR has offered to us, including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through The Ages. References to historical mythology, current events, or any other outside sources in order to further encourage analysis of the series are highly suggested and welcomed for use as evidence to back up a theory, or a means to help other unplottables theorists understand a vague occurrence/plot hole within the books!

Not everyone who becomes a member of unplottables has to post theories every waking second of the day. Rather, the community is meant to encourage intellectual discussion and the suspension of rigid reactions to canon be presenting different views of assessing a situation. This is not to say that members of the community must agree with every theory posted, but the purpose of the community is to simply open the minds of fans to other modes of thinking. In short, members may agree to disagree.

However, it is not okay to flame another member in reaction to a theory or idea. This sort of behavior will not be tolerated, and will result in the suspension of the member perpetrating such a rude act of disrespect.

Come and join the unplottables HP Theorist Community! Membership is open to everyone.

Theory posting guidelines are listed above.

So come one, come all!
Ruffle up some feathers, yank at those fandom roots, and let’s give ‘em something to talk about!


'All theories and content of each post is copyright to whoever posts it'
no pay-jur-ism or plagiarism

community mods include:
lizardlaugh, thinkmilly, ladyguenivere, mariannec, and hp_speculation

Theories to be discussed, debated, researched, etc. about the Harry Potter series are to be found and shared here.

Please mind your manners, no flamming, and have fun!

Helpful resources:
Harry Potter Lexicon
Harry Potter Facts
Myths: Cross-Refrences
HPfGU - Fantastic Posts: Where to Find Them!

Get your Wizarding Calendar here:
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Info on making lj-cut tags work.
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More resources will be added as they are suggested.
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