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Theory: Knight 2 King

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UPDATE: New info from Jo's site via TLC

Theory: Knight2King
Authored by:thinkmilly and lizardlaugh
Character(s): Ron, Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione, Neville, Draco, the Longbottms, Sirius, Remus, Lily, James, Bellatrix, Voldemort, Peter... EVERYONE

Artifact (s): The chess set and chess game from PS/SS

Thesis Statement: The chess game the trio plays at the end of PS/SS is a metaphor for the Second War between the forces of good led by Albus Dumbledore, and the forces of evil led by Lord Voldemort. It predicts future events as well as sheds light on the past and present.

Abstract: The role of the chess game in PS/SS appears to be a metaphor for the Second War. What might it mean in the context of the series as a whole? Who are/were the various pieces, and what do they stand for? Our biggest conundrum was how to reconcile the fact that Ron Weasley appears to play two roles. In the following essays, we set out to:

• Interpret the various plays in the game and how they relate to past and future events in the Harry Potter series.

• Match up chess pieces to characters, based on their roles and relationships they play throughout the series.

• Explain how Ron Weasley actually plays two pieces simultaneously in the game.

Supporting evidence: Knight2King

Notes: This theory has been brought to you by the letter lizardlaugh and the number thinkmilly and their respective flists!

ETA: Please note that not all the characters are assigned to places in this game of chess. Clues are littered throughout the series and we want all of you to come forward and give your input! We'll update the website accordingly. So what do you all think?

ETA: lizardlaugh, here... ok... everyone is very interested in the various chess pieces. First, we do go through a few of them here, though the way the linking was done, it may not have been obvious where that part was. Second, sbbo worked on many of the chess pieces, and offered a really good alternative/supplement. This will very shortly be added to the main page. For now, you can find those explanations here.

Mea Culpa... Other than the really obvious pieces (the trio, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Neville, Bellatrix, Sirius), I was of the idea that we should let people hash it all out, as this part of the theory is very open to interpretation. I thought the people would be all up in arms about was Ron=DD (admits bias)... so... here is what we will do: First, sbbo's suggestions for pieces will be added to the main page. Second, we would LOVE to hear what other people think about other characters (Snape, Luna, Ginny, etc.). I have an idea that one Pawn may become a Queen (most likely, Ginny, Luna or Tonks), as when a Pawn travels completely accross the board, it can take a very powerful role (usually Queen). At any rate, check out sbbo's excellent observations, make your own, and propose additions for possible chess pieces.
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